Laser marking machines are extensively utilised for precise, distinctive and permanent markings. These machines use a non-contact thermal process to provide the exceptional product markings like alpha-numeric characters, barcodes, serial numbers, logos, artwork and other graphic images which can help deal with counterfeits and trace the entire product lifecycle to ensure its quality, sustainability, and safety.

Saturn Tampondruck India design Laser machines with great precision to ensure there exceptional performance on the variety of materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steels, Gold, Silver, Copper, Coated & Plated Metals, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVC, plastic, coated metal, wood, glass, stone, leather and rubber etc.

These machines are safe to use and produce no harmful effluents and Pollutants. We provide safety glasses along with the machines to ensure the complete safety of the operator. Saturn tampondruck only uses components from Germany and UK to ensure superior performance for their marking machines.