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PAD PRINTING SPARES – saturnindia.co.in



Pad printing is useful for printing graphics with precision. In this process, the pad takes the ink from plate and deposits on the object that needs to be printed. The ideal angle of contact between the pad and the surface is between 20° to 50°. Pads are an important element in the pad printing process. To meet the diverse market requirements of pad printing, we offer a varied range of pads available in different qualities and hardness. We also customize the pads as per your specific requirements. To protect pads from damage, make sure to tamp them using Acetone dampened cotton and store them in closed cabinets to avoid heat, dust, and light.


To meet the diverse requirements and excellent quality criteria for printing, Saturn Tampondruck is dedicated to providing you with a range of cliché plates which are highly suitable for pad printing. Our dedicated professionals assure to offer best quality plates which are capable of producing solid sharp images and are efficient for the long run too. Apart from cliche plates we also provide superior quality thin steel cliché and photopolymer plates


Closed cup rings prepared at our in-house facility of are one of the best best-sealed cup systems which are based on the principle of magnetism. To ensure the gripping force between plate and ring, the magnet position should be kept equidistant from the geometrical axis of the plate and the distance between them should be such that makes wiping of plate neat and clean. The distance between the plate and the magnet can be adjusted to get the required gripping force.

Saturn Tampondruck India is a market leader in providing world-class closed cup rings.


Doctor blades are used to removes the surplus ink from the non-engraved portions of the image carrier. These blades are available with us in two types of thickness- 0.20 and 0.50 mm. Thins blades are used for sharp printing whereas thick Doctor Blades are used for patchwork. Saturn Tampondruck ensures to provide the best quality blades at reasonable rates.

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