Pad printing is one of the most versatile processes that ensures supreme results for identification, decoration and marking. Suitable for printing on Both two and three-dimensional objects, Saturn Tampondruck inks provides splendid results on various kinds of materials like duro-plastics, wood, paper, thermoplastic materials, metals, hard and soft PVC, coated polyester, papers, cardboard, aluminium and compound materials. Pad printing can be done even on difficult shapes with great precision. Its quick drying feature makes it distinct from screen printing inks and these are known for their high opacity, excellent fluidity and glossy finish.

Pad-printing inks are applied in thin films and comprise resins, pigments, and a vehicle. The resin is a binder which forms the film of the ink. Pigment gives ink its colour and is mostly in the form of powders or dyes. The vehicle provides the ink with its printing characteristics and can be used to adjust the viscosity of the resin. Pad-printing inks sometimes also consist of special additives to ensure that tacky quality of ink is sustained.

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